Smart e-commerce store

Affiliate Marketing System

The smart online store provides an affiliate marketing program

With profitable sales rates and without any costs

Affiliate marketing system terms:

1- It is forbidden to use the means of spam to invite users, which may constitute a direct or indirect offense to the smart e-shop.

2- It is forbidden to use pop-up windows or to use any other methods that force the visitor to open the site without his desire.

3- All customers who made a purchase through you are verified and the commission will be automatically added to your marketing account when the order status becomes “shipped” and after the customer receives his shipment.

4- The marketer is not required to purchase from the smart online store, and registration is available for free.

5- The site does not support network or hierarchical marketing or promote it in any way.

6- The commission will be received by the marketer only.

9- The commission is calculated from the total of the total products and does not include shipping prices and fees

10- The customer has the right to withdraw marketing profits when he reaches the minimum withdrawal limit, which is 100 Saudi riyals or its equivalent at the end of a calendar month.

12- Your use of an affiliate marketing system means your agreement to the affiliate marketing terms and privacy policy.

13- The Smart Store management has the right to permanently disable or delete any account in the event that fraud methods are proven to be present, or in violation of the previous conditions or in the method of marketing the site repeatedly. And he is not entitled to demand any money.

14 - The management of the smart store has the right to change the policies of the commission marketing system as it deems appropriate without referring to the subscriber.

You can submit a request to join the program by contacting us on WhatsApp

explain it

  • full name
  • residence
  • The name of the bank you are dealing with
  • Your Marketing Accounts

You will be contacted within 48 hours of submitting the request