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Air Blow Back Belt

60.75 USD

Back belt with air inflation

Helps reduce symptoms of disc disease

It works on the paragraph spacing feature

The belt size is 112*20cm


Iterm: CR-161 heat therapy lumbar traction device

Product size: 112.0 x 20.0cm (inflatable expansion)

Belt Extension:22*11cm


Reduce the pressure of the disc, to promote intervertebral disc back to the lifting of the nerve root and other organizations to stimulate and regulation.

Eliminate inflammation, promote blood circulation.Lift muscle spasms, improve local blood circulation.

But the traditional traction method is carried out in bed, can only be intermittent once a day, every patient out of bed home or exercise, oppression in the upper body gravity, back to the nucleus of the nucleus will be under pressure again, cause come to naught, recurrent.

Hot moxibustion therapy lumbar traction according to the principle of traction development, and the successful use of vertical traction, and then to achieve traction - sustained traction - sustained support the unique effect

60.75 USD
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