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Anker Soundcore Live Q10 Headphones - A foldable headphone designed to be compatible with all devices

53.73 USD

Anker Soundcore Live Q10 Headphones - A foldable headphone designed to fit all devices in an attractive and comfortable way on the ear and equipped with a battery that lasts up to 60 hours and is compatible with all devices

Features of Anker Soundcore Live Q10 Headphones:

  • Certified High-Resolution Audio: The Hi-Res logo is exceptional sound quality, and offered only to audio devices capable of producing the most accurate representation of what the artist intended. Unlike regular headphones, the Q10 delivers sound at up to 40kHz for a richer, more accurate listening experience.
  • High Bass: Exclusive Bass Up technology analyzes the low frequencies of the sound in real time and increases the bass in real time. With large 40mm dynamic drivers, bass power is boosted up to 100%. A button on the right ear cup of the wireless over-ear headphones activates the buzzer.
  • 60 HOUR PLAYTIME: An advanced Bluetooth chip with lower power draw combines with Anker's world-famous power technology to deliver massive playtime, even for wireless over-ear headphones. Listen for two hours a day for an entire month.
  • Fast charging: in one hurry? Charge the Q10 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for 5 minutes and listen for up to 5 hours. With a USB Type-C charging port for convenient charging and extended compatibility.

53.73 USD
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