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Beurer Tens Em44 . Electric Stimulator (Physiotherapy)


70.20 USD 108 USD

Tennis device for physical therapy

It is a device that emits simple electrical vibrations and can control the intensity of those vibrations and has wide uses in physiotherapy clinics

Electric Stimulator for Muscular and Muscular Pain Relief 3 in 1

Helps stimulate muscles, which enhances muscle strength

It is used to relieve back and neck pain, menstrual pain and other muscle pain

Helps relax muscles through the massage feature


A density is characterized by EM44 device Beroyr density are adjustable from 1 to 50 level and two channels also includes 4 poles

4 electrodes

15 massage modes

Electrical stimulation, muscle stimulation and massage

easy to use

Brand: Boerer

Brand headquarters: Germany

Warranty: Two years warranty

beurer EM44 Digital EMS/TENS Machine

Tens Device

Beurer Em44

70.20 USD 108 USD
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