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Insole for orthopedic foot and maintain its health - large size

27 USD

The advantages of the insole to strengthen and maintain the bones of the foot:

  • Arch support is designed according to the principles of human anatomy to improve the wrong arrangement of the foot bones, relieve foot pressure, and improve foot error. Relieves foot fatigue and prevents flat feet and plantar fasciitis.
  • The shaped heel is designed to fit the shape of the foot and wrap the heel to better protect your feet. Prevent foot decay, foot injury and reduce fatigue.
  • Supports the forefoot, arch and heel together, which can relieve pain caused by arch pressure, suitable for people who have trouble walking in a walking position.
  • High elastic shock absorption to effectively reduce the impact of the heel area during exercise, relieve foot fatigue, reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.
  • It adopts soft and breathable fabric, which can absorb sweat and dissipate heat, keep the inside of the shoe and the foot fresh and comfortable.
27 USD
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