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USB neck massager with remote control

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neck massager

If you suffer from neck pain or neck muscle strain, this device is suitable for that

Where it will relieve your pain and reduce muscle tension. The device works on the property of electrical stimulation and the property of heating the affected area.

Electrical stimulation and heating work to increase blood flow and thus increase the nutrition of the affected tissues, which in turn helps to recover

Neck Massager Benefits:

improve flexibility

Reduce pain naturally

Helping recover from sports activities and injuries

Strengthening the immune system

Improving circulatory problems

Relief of chronic and temporary pain and inflammation

Relaxation and rejuvenation


heating function

Electrical Vibrational Alerts (TENs)

3 types of massage

1600 Mah . petri

Available in different colors

Contains a remote control

Helps relieve pain and relax muscles

Product Rating

We collected product evaluation data for you from different sites and the average rating was 4.3

Shipping methods:

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And Kwik Company (through which the cash on delivery feature is available)

Device dimensions: 138mm * 142mm

Smart neck massager

Color: white,blue,pink.

Material: PC,silicone.

Size: 19.3*17.5*6.3cm

Battery: 1600mAh

Power: 5W

Silent current: < 100uA

Input: DC 5V

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48.60 USD 67.50 USD
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Two comments

محمد داود

8 months ago

جهاز عبقري من اول جلسه حسيت براحه لم أشعر بها منذ شهور الحمد لله وشكرا لكم ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Mohammed Almasoud

1 year ago

ممتاز ويعتبر من نوع من أنواع العلاج

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